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  1. Remove the transmitter, alarm, 1 battery, power supply, double-sided tape and USB cable.

  2. Attach the power supply to the alarm using the USB cable.

  3. Snap open the transmitter case and slide the battery into its compartment and close.

  4. Place the alarm in the desired location and plug into a power outlet. (For placement tips see Notes.)

  5. Test the alarm by moving the transmitter in any direction. The alarm should light up and beep 3 times. Use the reset button (next to the USB port on the alarm) to turn off the light.

  6. Attach provided double-sided tape to the back of the transmitter and affix in desired location. 


*You can use the optional wall mount attached to the back of the alarm to easily install on a wall.



  • When the transmitter battery is low, the alarm light will blink slowly.


  • Distance between transmitter and alarm can be up to 250 yards/meters or more if in direct line of sight. Obstacles such as vehicles or walls can impair reception efficiency. Alignment can also affect transmission distance (see diagram below).

  • Align the logos on the alarm and transmitter parallel to each other (even at great distances) for the furthest functioning range whenever possible.

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