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  • Transmitter is instantaneously capable of detecting movement in any direction or axis.

  • Transmitter sends a signal to the receiver when movement is sensed.

  • For simpler applications where only a single event needs to be monitored.

  • Transmitter range is approximately 250 yards/meters. Depending on obstructions such as walls and large objects between transmitter and receiver, range may be reduced.

  • On receipt of signal from the Transmitter, Receiver turns on the red LED light and beeps several times to announce that an event has been detected by the transmitter.

  • Receiver can be placed anywhere, provided power is available.

  • FCC approved.

  • Transmitter sends a low battery warning, causing Receiver LED light to blink slowly.



  • Detectur is simple while flexible. Detects any movement of an object to which it is attached.

  • Installation is quick and easy.

  • No false alarms from PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detections of unrelated movements.

  • No connection or linking routine required. Transmitter and Receiver are factory-linked.

  • Transmitter is small, unobtrusive and easily relocated.

  • No App required.

  • No connection to internet required.

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